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Zelai Aundi, 2
E- 20170 USURBIL (Gipuzkoa)

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Flat wire


  • Cold rolled flat wire according to EN10139, E10277 and ASTM108 (contact us for other norms).
  • Size range from 5 to 65 mm width and 1,5 to 12 mm thickness.
  • Intermediate sizes can be produced.
  • Size tolerances according to EN10140 and EN10278.

 Production range

 Flat wire edges

Tremefil-Izaguirre, proposes 3 different kinds of edges.

Square edge
In this case maximum radius is 0,3 mm.
Corner radius
The edge is produced with a radius of 1 or 1,5 mm. with a tolerance of +/- 0,3 mm. Other radius can be produced according to customer request.
Round edge
The round edge can be produced with a radius equal to half the thickness or slightly greater than half the thickness.


Manufacturing qualities
1.0038 S235JR S235JR S235JR S235JR S235JR A 252
1.1141 C15E F1511 CK 15 XC 15 080 M 15 1015
1.9413 -- -- 10401 XC 18 080 A 17 1018
1.0402 C22 F.112 C22 C 22 En 3 C 1020
1.0715 11SMn30 F.2111 9SMn28 S250 230 M 07 1213
1.0718 11SMnPb30 11SMnPb30 11SMnPb30 S 250 Pb 11SMnPb30 12L13
1.0736 11SMn37 F.2113 11SMn37 S 300 11SMn37 1215
1.0737 11SMnPb37 F.2114 11SMnPb37 S 300 Pb 11SMnPb37 12L14
1.0045 S355JR S355JR S355JR E36-2 En 50 B A 283
1.1191 C45E C45E C45E XC 48 080 M 46 1045
1.8159 51CrV4 F.143 51CrV4 51CrV4 51CrV4 6150
1.1209 C55R C55R C55R XC 55 H C55R 1055

(Please contact us for other grades).


Oscillated coils

Cold rolled flat wire can be supplied in oscillated coils of different sizes and different combinations of inner diameters and widths.

Oscillated coils are supplied with weights from 250 Kg up to 2.500 Kg.

Standard inner diameter is 508 mm, however, it is possible to provide inner diameters of 400 mm450 mm, and 500 mm.

The width of the coil can be between 150 mm and 400 mm.

Oscillated coils supply
  Inner diameter (A) 400 / 450 / 500 / 508 mm
  Outer diameter (B) 1.200 mm Max.
  Width (C) 150 mm - 400 mm
  Weight Min. 250 Kg / Max. 2.500 Kg


Another shipment option for the cold rolled flat wire is in straightened bars.

Tolerance on lengths is -0 + 30 mm, other tolerances can be proposed. 

The straightness of the bars is 1 mm/m.

Bars supply
  Bundle weight   Max. 1.500 Kg
  Length (A) 1.500 mm / 6.000 mm
  Standard length - 0 +30 mm
  Fixed length   -/+2 mm


Oscillated coils

The coils are placed on wooden pallets following customer requirements.
For other options please consult.


In order to protect the material during transportation, different kinds of packaging are used to guarantee delivery in perfect condition.

Overseas packaging

The bundles are oiled and covered with corrosion inhibiting paper (VCI); this packaging will neutralize the attack of environmental contaminants and will protect the steel against rust during the sea journey and storage.

Packing with wooden blocks

Bundles are placed on wooden blocks in order to leave enough space for handling by forklift.

Packing with wooden planks

Bundles are placed on wooden planks in order to ensure their straightness during transportation and facilitate the handling.

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